1. Topic 4: Fat Piece of Shit

    I find this image really funny. This guy meant serious with his partner or girlfriend. The best motivation. Direct ass comment to those who are too lazy to exercise

  2. Topic 3: Microsoft ushering a new era

    I was browsing the other day and I happened to stumbled upon this new brand idea that Microsoft is somehow proposing and going to approach. The idea is very simple where it is trying to reconnect humans and technology the way it should be. They believe that they can advance the human race with the new brand approach and this is how they are going for. I personally think its cool as its really simple and minimal, with a very directive approach in the design aspect. Although I do say that I think it needs more elaborate concept in terms of its form because in the mean time it looks rigid and angular.

    Below are the links that I think its worth checking out.



  3. Topic 2: Started from the bottom now we here

    everything in what you do, starts from the bottom. dont expect to get rich and famous. if you want to get to that stage, you gotta work for it. work hard for it. and then it will pay off someday.

  4. Topic 1. Unemployment Line

    We all hated these 2 words once we got out of uni and I find it really annoying. That moment once you stepped down from grabbing ur degree and thats it. What to do now, what to do next. It is a normal condition for us students to find this type of feeling. Personally, the only way to get out of this is to go out there and do something. Do internships, volunteering, etc and while your at it fix your resume and cv cause honestly, if u can do this you will be one step ahead from your peers. so go out there and get active cause the world out there expects you to be active.

  5. First of all I’d like to start and debut this newly refreshed tumblr post as a tool to get insights and inspirations. I want my page to be found as an entertaining, inspiring and motivating tumblr page that everyone can share and enjoy. So here ya go ladies and gents have a good one :)